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Deathwyrm Inn Community Journal

The annoying tap on your shoulder...

Deathwyrm Inn Community
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This is the little online community home of a forum.

A forum about stuff. (Stuff being subjective)

A forum with lots of spam and insanity. (Wear protection.)

We have a hamster, our own Spiderman, an EVOL kitty, our own forum comic (Thanks Spidey-Mwa!) and something called RP'ing. I am Luminita. I am the evil adminstrator there. I am a DM there. Bwahahahahaha... I specialize in long rambling descriptive posts with lots of naturey references. ^_^ And naughtiness... *nods* *g* Ahem, anyway.

The RP's tend to be a loose form of D&D 3e, built more around creative writing than rolling the dice, so there's a lot more leeway and 'bending' of the rules at times. All for the Creativity! (Though I'm known for wielding the rule book with an iron grip at times. =P ) We've got varied settings, some custom, some based on games or books, you name it. Eeeeeeeee!! And Epic Characterstm. *nods* Yes indeed-y.